H&H Paintless Dent Repair is a 100% Veteran-owned business with over 23 years of experience providing auto hail paintless dent repair services in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Being a small company allows us to provide a closer personal service to our customers. Too often it is the case where a company grows too fast and loses focus on what is the most important aspect of their business — their client.

We have purposely kept our company at a size where we can treat every one of our customers as if they are our only one.

Leny Brisson

Sales Associate

I started my professional career in 1978, selling myself into the college of my choice and made a case to be accepted into the school of architecture. Once I graduated I first sold my architectural services to a number of companies so I could practice my trade and did so successfully for about 21 years. I then moved into the IT world and worked for architectural companies selling the combined skills; then it was getting my insurance agent license. Since 2002 I have been working in the service industry providing mortgage, real estate, financial services and more recently customer service in the Hail Repair industry. I am a very friendly, personable and well educated person that can meet people at their level and I have the ability to almost anyone I meet. Since my involvement in the hail repair business, I have helped over 500 people get their cars repaired for $0.00 out of pocket and provide other very valuable services that have made previous clients reach out to me for future needs. Let me be the professional you turn to in your time of need to take the best care of your vehicle.

John Bradley



Office Manager


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